Naked gardening chores

It’s -2 Celsius with a feels like temperature of -7 because of wind. The rain water in the blue barrel is full and has frozen. I adapted and hooked on a different spout to move rain water into an alternate barrel, an old hot water tank. Saving rain water is vital for our garden. Once the alternate tank is filled, I’ll add on to the spout to have the water go directly to the rose garden. Nothing is growing yet, but it is best to be prepared. Naked gardening has a lot of work that goes on in the background.

Okay, this post isn’t about naked gardening. As some of you know, I have been restoring old posts from cached archives. As a result, about 200 post that I had thought were permanently lost have been retrieved. There are a few more that will make their way to the archives on this blog site, mostly posts from 2013.

For those that may have lost or deleted old blog sites, some of those old posts can be found using something called the Wayback Machine, which was where I found my old posts. I do know that ALL the missing posts aren’t able to be found. I have likely only recovered about 20% or less of my old posts, most of which weren’t worth keeping anyway. At least I have some continuity.

One of the problems is the typical loss of photos that were in the original posts. So, if you didn’t archive your old photos, that could become a problem. Now, is all of this worth the effort, and believe me it was a lot of work? I mean, they are old posts. In my opinion, the posts were mostly about recording my navigation through time. They are there for me much like a diary. I guess one could call it the Diary of a Canadian Naturist Man.

Why do people keep journals or diaries? For the most part, they are written in booklets created for that purpose. We give diaries to our children, sometimes with keys attached so they can feel the sacredness of their words. I know as a writer, I have found immense use in reading journals of long dead, famous authors. As a psychotherapist, being able to read journals of Jung has taught me so much. The world would be so much poorer without those private thoughts being brought to us through time.

Do you keep a journal or diary? Does it matter if it is in an off-line format? Why? I am interested in what you have to say. And yes, I keep a journal that is not published online. To safeguard it’s privacy, I keep my journals secure. Once I am gone, I imagine my children or grandchildren, whoever finds them, will be shocked at what is read. But that is important too. There are no saints. We are all flawed. Some of us need to admit that safely, in our journals.