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Gathering Past and Present Posts

Welcome back Naturist Lens

Years and years ago, I had a blog site called Naturist Lens. Since then, I have switched platforms several times which resulted in losing subscribers to my posts. I have been using for them. However, because of the inability to use “plugins” without paying an exorbitant amount of money, I have gathered all my posts via export files, and brought them back to my home site which uses Since I already pay for this home site for other blog sites and general web presence, and I had access to many, many free plugins and paid plugins, it only made sense. For the next while, I will be tidying up this site’s archived posts, replacing photos where needed.

Because my name is front and centre in the URL, there is a risk factor. Using this URL is basically the same thing as taking down a privacy fence around one’s home. Since I am officially old, I don’t really care all that much anymore. After all, my family and friends already know about my preference when it comes to clothing.

With that said, a bit of trivia is now in order. It is -9 Celsius outside with a feel-like temperature of -17. A gentle snowfall is in progress though it isn’t adding up to very much so far. We are hoping for a huge dump of snow as the ground is dry and powdery because of last year’s drought conditions. I weighed in at 167 lbs which tells me I have been stable for two years at this weight.

Trivia aside, life goes on here on the Canadian prairies.

à la prochaine – until the next time


  1. Robert Payne

    Nice to have all your eggs in one basket. I wish my weight was a bit more stable in a lighter mode. Ah. Snow. It seems the drought is extended from your plains to my plains. Be warm and safe .

    • skyclad

      It is indeed nice to have them all back together. In doing this work, I am hoping I have improved the site with replacing photos that hadn’t made the transition via import – also less cropping of those original photos fits the title “Uncensored and uncovered.”

  2. Tony lynch

    Hi I am new to going naked. Can I join your site? I live in Ireland.

    • skyclad

      Of course you can. Just remember to respect this space, other people who comment, and the author of these posts.

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