Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Christmas Day on the Canadian Prairies

Christmas Eve

It has been a while since my last post here. Why? No real reason comes to mind other than my urge to write has been quite low. It has nothing to do with depression or whatever. The writing muse has decided to take a winter vacation. On this side of the screen, life has been filled with family, shovelling snow, a bit of time with neighbours, going for country walks and reading. I have done more reading in the past two months than I have for the first ten months of 2021. Ten days ago, I got my third vaccination shot for Covid 19. And yes, I still wear a mask when in public spaces as it is required here in my province.

Covid has been the primary topic of conversation since it continues to impact on our “normal” lives as travellers. Typically, I would be preparing for a three-month absence from our home to someplace warm where I could walk more wearing a lot less. I doubt that our travels will begin anytime soon as our borders are becoming more and more difficult to cross. The most that I am hoping for in terms of travel, is being able to attend a grandson’s graduation in the U.S.A. I missed his older brother’s graduation because of Covid19 in 2020.

The world, at least my world, is not all about Covid. I had three books published in the past year and all three have had decent sales with no advertising effort on my part. I have other books in various stages of progress though most are on hold as I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I imagine that this will change once the world of a prairie winter settles in after the New Year.

I can feel it in my bones that I am getting older. I make that statement based on my ability to relax more easily. I also make that statement based on my physical body’s signals that I am not as young as I once was. Perhaps I am approaching the calm attitude of an elder. Though I continue to walk, usually a six-kilometre walk in the countryside each day, I don’t feel as “fit.” My body is softer for the most part. And strangely, it is all okay.

Today, Christmas Day, it is -23 Celsius at 2:00 pm. The sun is out and the wind has diminished to a breeze which means that once this post is published, I will head out into the countryside for another walk with my wife. Once back home, we will work together to make our evening meal, have some wine, and enjoy being alone together. As for clothing, yes I will be wearing clothing as it is too cold to hike on the winter prairies at these temperatures wearing nothing but the skin I was born with – well, not exactly the same skin, you know, cells replace themselves periodically.

Merry Christmas!


  1. NaturistFabArt

    I hear you there about inspiration to writing. Is it the dreariness of the fact it is winter or the weariness of the pandemic. I truly felt it the other day when a wave washed over me for not having traveled to Quebec to see my family since September 2019. I know your need to being in a warmer climate must be missed. Perhaps the colder weather and travel restrictions are the culprit for feeling our age? I hope that you get to travel soon and inspiration to writing returns. Have a safe and healthy new year. Fabien

    • rglongpre

      Safe and healthy new year for you and John as well, Fabien. Thanks for your words, they do mean a lot.

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