Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Road Trip to the West

Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island

I’m writing from my first stop on Vancouver Island. We are in a rural location in a private accommodation. It is mostly raining though we are getting enough breaks in the weather to go for daily hikes in the cedar forests. The temperatures are hovering between ten and fifteen degrees Celsius as daytime highs. It is definitely not free-hiking weather. Weather aside, we are not in anyway hiking in remote locations. Despite the weather, the desire to be clothing free remains strong. Once indoors, clothing is unnecessary.

In four more days, we will be on the west coast of the Island where I will brave the elements and take on the challenge, if not dare, to sprint into the very cold water of the North Pacific. So far, there is no ocean or sea that we have visited where the challenge hasn’t been met including a couple of late winter dips into the Mediterranean Sea. Will there be a photo? Unknown. A photo is not the reason for the skinny deep. The reason is simple. Tradition.

I don’t imagine I will be writing another post until we are settled into a tiny cabin on the west coast, a tiny cabin with a hot tub on the front deck with the wild Pacific very, very close down a steep and wooded craggy coast line. Until then, be safe.


  1. Robert Payne

    That is such a beautiful area! It is surprising how cold the pacific is, even at Baja.

    • rglongpre

      Thanks Robert. Brrrr!

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