It’s all good . . . or is it?

One thing that the political world is demonstrating with a vengeance is that what one person sees as good, another person sees with an opposite point of view. Though not currently in the crosshairs of the majority, nudity is a good example of how humanity is polarised with regards to the nude human body. I see simple nudity as good. Others who have internal alarms go off when seeing a nude human, don’t. For them, for a variety of reasons, nudity is “not” good. I see this image of Emma as good, as pleasurable, interesting, and provocative at the same time.

I see nudity and experience as a pleasurable state while at the same time, I don’t find wearing clothing to be “bad.” I guess one could say that I am pragmatic when it comes to wearing clothing and being clothing free. There is no good vs evil visceral response for me. Perhaps it has something to do with living in a temperate climatic zone where mother nature has well defined seasons with temperatures alternating between -40 and +40 Celsius. Despite what I think and believe, there are people in my orbit who would be shocked should they ever see me naked, people who would though they may have seen me in a positive light for decades, wouldn’t hesitate to call the police and have them deal with the pervert who is a threat.

“Good and evil are opposite poles of a moral judgment which, as such, originates in man [a human]. A judgment can be made about a thing only if its opposite is equally real and possible.” – Carl Jung

Naturists are well aware that good and evil have nothing to do with nudity or clothing. Good people do exist who are repelled by nudity. Good people exist who don’t care one way or the other, and good people exist who struggle with clothing. The same can be said with “Not Good” people. They exist in the same groupings. Accepting this reality, I then turn to what Jung said about good and evil – there are about moral judgments and actions based on these moral judgments.

An example of this that is currently causing societal reaction, is the right of a woman to choose what happens with regards to a fetus. The prochoice and anti-abortion polarity begins with a personal judgment. And that, is okay as it is a personal response. However, when that judgment becomes a trigger for a significant sector of society, then bad things happen. The more the scales are tilted in one direction, the worse things get until they reach a point of real evil. The women in Texas, USA, have just been legally declared criminals of the highest order should they abort a fetus that has passed six weeks of existence. Two Canadian provinces are making access to abortions very difficult. And a major political party is predominantly in favour of following the example in Texas.

The problem with any group getting extraordinary power, is the likelihood that the issues they view through a fundamentalist lens are very likely to become laws that punish. All those who hold an apposing view are enemies and are evil.