Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Here Comes the Sun

Taking advantage of sunshine

Yes, the sun has returned, and with it, warmer temperatures. It appears that we will have at least four days of somewhat summer sunshine and temperatures before it cools down again. It’s already 17 C. as I write up this post, and it is supposed to get to 25 C. by mid afternoon. I will soak in as much Vitamin D accordingly.

On a different topic, in two day, I celebrate 50 years of marriage with an incredible woman. Luckily, we are both in good health – physical and mental health. With the grace of the gods and goddesses, we may yet have a decade or two of life worth living ahead of us. So how did this happen? I mean, we were strangers from different parts of the country when we met. I proposed the same day I met her and she accepted. A year, less a week, later we got married. A city boy and a country girl somehow “fit” and that was the beginning.

We are different, not just in terms of biology, but in many ways. I have an INFP personality and she has an ESTJ personality – thing of fire and water, with me being the water [Cancer astrological sign]. I am a naturist, or at least a man who is more comfortable out of his clothing, and she is “normal” in today’s world and likes clothing. The tie that binds us is not legal or social, it is something much deeper than that. Like all couples, we reach the breaking point time and time again, but somehow pull back at the last minute. What ever it was that brought us together is determined that we stay together despite common sense.

And now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  1. Robert Payne

    Have a wonderful Anniversary!

    • rglongpre

      Thanks, Robert.

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