Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

The twilight zone

Most people see the world in glorious colours. Some see the world in shades of black, white and greys. It takes a special sort of mind to enter into a zone of altered consciousness that somehow fits between the normal scenes of life. Other times, it takes a quirk in a camera light sensor to find that flimsy veil that separates normal reality from the unusual.

I had begun the day shown in this image before anyone else in my son’s home had woken. This is the norm as I am usually the first one to wake up. It has been this way for as long as I can remember, even during adolescence. No matter who is in the house, it is my time, especially when it isn’t yet fully day, that in between time separating daytime from night time at both ends of the day. I have to be honest, I am finding this quiet time of day to be my favourite time of day. At least for a while, I escape the depressing insanity that is sweeping our planet.

The veil between realities is thin. What is trapped in the collective unconscious has an opportunity to journey into the world of the collective ego at this time. Nice people become less nice. And for the most part, they are unaware of the shades of darkness that have been awakened in them. Jekyll’s become Hydes – “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde“. Well meaning people become bullies. Mob hysteria becomes a common occurrence. Logic is nowhere to be found. Try to match the conundrum of “prolife” with “stand your ground.” It just doesn’t work. The idea of trying to control women’s vaginas while protesting laws that limit personal freedoms don’t fit together, yet they are held as though sacrosanct truths.

And then there is the other side to acknowledge. At the same time as there is darkness seeping into our collective consciousness, there is a increase in light for a growing number of people. Somehow, an awareness of self is allowing more people to discover the authenticity of themselves. That awareness of self serves to have them become immune to the growing darkness and to be beacons of light for others who are caught at the edges. Naturism is part of the light. I use the word naturism with hesitancy because it has been coopted by too many for darker purposes. Removing one’s clothing reveals a person who has otherwise been hidden. And not always is that a good thing. Removing clothing is only a beginning, one of many beginnings that feeds a person’s psyche to take yet another step to being authentic and self-aware.

Welcome to the twilight zone.

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  1. rhpayne

    I do find this time of day my favorite. To look up at the morning blackness and realize how really large our world is. To hear the great horn owls talking, looking for that last bit of food. To see the shadow of critters stirring and the birds deciding it’s time for a treat from me. Then the explosion of the not so subtle sun cresting the far horison. Then the journey into myself to understand. I must admit, though, that I have neglected my self in not getting up to enjoy the peace. I must begin revisiting.

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