Emma – going to ground

Well, I guess that “change” just had to happen. My friend Emma has had her Twitter account suspended because of an innocent photo that didn’t break any Twitter community rules. However, someone, or some group had complained loud enough to appease those angry, hate-inspired voices. Yet, all manner of porn remains freely available for viewing on Twitter. You name your porn poison and it can be readily found. I have reported and blocked hundreds of these porn accounts with very few ever being suspended. It is the way it is, and Emma is taking a sabbatical of sorts from Twitter. In her last blog post, Going to Ground, Emma stated: “I’m going to ground for a while, to focus on the elements which actually matter in real life. Once I’ve addressed everything I have to do, I’m sure you will be seeing me again but for time being, I’m conserving my energy and assigning time to the things and people, I regard as important.” I take that to mean that she is retreating to Higher Ground.

I have decided to use a “watermark” to make use of the photos I post here, more difficult for others to download and put into porn sites. Yes, some of my photos have made it to porn sites, the “daddy” porn service industry adds any and all nude images of older men for a clientele that “gets off” with those kind of images. Makes a person wonder just how sad it is that other men salivate at the thought of hairy older men. I know that I am being judgemental, but there, I said it. At least my images will be more easily identified as stolen and less likely to serve as an invitation.

There are a number of others in the naturist community that are now using watermarks to protect their images. However, more than protecting these images, the watermarks serve as a way to indicate to the viewer that the images are not porn, for porn loves anonymity. Porn is all about fantasy. Watermarks are an element of taking the higher ground. It requires more effort and thought.

On a side note, I wonder if the recent political state of affairs in Europe and North America has resulted in more of us taking a stand on principles, taking the higher road, rather than acquiescing into silence. Silence gives tacit approval even if there is no approval. The backlash when allowing one’s voice to be heard is swift, and often brutal. It would be so easy to escape that backlash by simply staying silent. But then again, if everyone kept silent, those extremist groups become the only voice which becomes amplified by Main Stream Media and social media platforms. What is the high ground when it comes to dealing with the forces that seek to rip apart the very fabric of democracy?