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Popping In and Out of My Clothing

Home sweet home

It has been a while since my last post. I want to assure you that it simply a matter of life getting in the way, not an issue of psychological distress or of intentionally abandoning this site. The primary reason for being absent has been related to the weather. It has actually been nice weather, the kind of weather that pulls one to be outdoors. For the past ten days, I have been taking walks between eight and twelve kilometres.

The walks have all been while I was clothed, of course. Late October and early November on the prairies in Canada don’t necessarily encourage one to hike while nude. I was tempted a few times, but the reality was that we weren’t the only people taking advantage of the warm spell. The first image was as close as I got to hiking while nude, and only because the trees kept the cool winds from persuading me to put my shirt back on.

Today promises to be the warmest day in quite a long time with the temperature forecast to reach 19C. Since today’s planned walk is in a different set of prairie hills with an absence of trees, along with a wind averaging 40km/hr, it might not be too promising in spite of being in a remote area with almost no chance of meeting another hiker. Tomorrow the temperature drops, drastically. Within two days, we are expecting up to sixty centimetres of snow – in other words – winter!

Writing has been the main reason for my absence. I have published two novellas and I am now working on a new novel as part of my annual participation in NaNoWriMo. I have been averaging around 3,000 words a day. The first novella is a story set during a pandemic, not Covid 19, but close enough to be contemporary. The only “speculative” aspect was the inclusion of aliens from another planet. The second novella is a story set during the age of Vikings, a historical fiction which has could be easily considered as non-fiction because of the historical content.

My NaNoWriMo story is something I’ve never tried before, a story being written for pre-teens, the Harry Potter crowd. I have a grandson in that age group who loves to read. That is my real motivation for that story which will hopefully become a Christmas gift for him.

I still live my life, for the most part, without the need to wear clothing. It is only when we have an occasional visiting neighbour [think next-door neighbours on either side], or when we are outdoors where there is a chance that someone will see me, that I find myself wearing clothing. If I put something on at any other time, I get asked, “Are you cold?” And, the answer is yes.

When will I return with the next post? That’s a question for which I have no answer. Writing will be my primary activity for at least another ten days. And of course, there is always something that comes up to sabotage one’s best intentions. That said, I still have another post or two to write in discussing from a Jungian psychology point of view, human personality. Until then, stay safe and in place as much as possible. We are truly in troubling times.


  1. NaturistFabArt

    I totally understand what you mean. I would like to be able to write for my blog more but life does get in the way. What is the saying? “Best laid plans?” It is what it is. We do what we can with the time given to us.

    Glad you have been enjoying a respite in the weather for your hikes. I need to get out of the house as well.

    Keep writing and if possible naked.

    Your friend,


    • rglongpre

      Thanks for the response, Fabien.

  2. Emma James

    Lovely blog Robert. I’m sure your grandson will love the story for Christmas. What a special gift ❤️

    • rglongpre

      Thank you for your kind words, my Lady.

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