Alternate Realities

Am I really there?

The forecast promised a good amount of rain today. So far, not much has shown up. One thing with the forecast that has been right is the warmer morning temperature of 12C. I got outside at 6:30 as soon as the first drops of a shower began to fall. I was hoping to capture myself being drenched with rain. Because it was still darkish, with dawn not yet arrived, I had set my camera to night mode. The result was predictably terrible as I moved while the camera was trying to gather enough light for the image. As soon as I saw this image, I knew it was not only worth saving, but that it told a story about the fleeting nature of one’s presence on planet Earth.

I then changed the camera settings and was rewarded with a normal photo which caught my presence and the darker skies. This image tells a different story. However, it didn’t capture the feeling of the light drops of rain that touched my body, or the breeze that accented the chill because I was damp. The flag did hint at the presence of a breeze as it was partially unfurled. As for the story, it perhaps tells a darker story, one that is grounded in shadows. This is what I love about photography. I never know what will emerge beyond the simple visual record of a moment in time.

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