A Warm Day Means More Nude Hiking

September free-hiking

When I woke up this morning, the sky was clear. The temperature was 7 Celsius but there was promise of more warmth, at least 22 by early afternoon. At 10:30, I found myself hiking for six and a half kms while fully nude. It wasn’t long before I scared up a covey of prairie grouse, a bird commonly known as prairie chickens. Then, I just about stepped on a large jackrabbit who decided to make a break for it in case I was hungry for rabbit.

Of course, the only interest I had in wildlife was in witnessing their presence. I didn’t even try to get photos of them. I focused on the walk, the sunshine, and the delicious warmth. The forecast for tomorrow is for even warmer temperatures before again turning cold for the weekend.

Sometime between now and Sunday evening, I have a blog post to write up for Naturist Fiction. My turn has once again rolled around. I feel privileged to have been invited to be part of the three naturist writers for this blog site. My comrades in arms are Will Forest and Paul Z Walker, two excellent writers of naturist fiction, as well as other forms of fiction and non-fiction. In my other moments of free time, I will be adding to my new story.

How is your day unfolding?

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