Jack Frost Paid a Visit

Last of the garden produce

It froze last night, a hard frost. It isn’t the first frost of the late summer, as we had a slight touch of frost a few weeks ago. However, this frost required us to cover most of our garden plants in an attempt to save them, especially the tomato plants. They were saved, thought they don’t look so good. There is no frost in the forecast for the next two weeks, but forecasts are not all that dependable. With this pointed reminder from Mother Nature, it is definitely time to shift one’s thinking from summer to autumn. There will be nice days to come in the near future, but they are fleeting moments of protest against the inevitable onslaught of a prairie winter.

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, the camping trailer has been sold. It took about 36 hours from mounting the advertisement to depositing the funds from the sale. There is no turning back to the past as it was anymore. By this afternoon, the sun came out and the temperature climbed up to an impressive 15 Celsius, enough to warrant spending a bit of time on the deck in the backyard to soak up some sunshine.

Tomorrow, it is a trip to the city for supplies and an oil change. It has been more than a month since our last trip to the city. I imagine it will be quite some time following tomorrow’s trip until our next such trip. There isn’t much ambition to risk spending time in a city where the risk of contacting the corona virus is significantly higher than our tiny prairie town.

On a side note, I thought I had a serious computer crash and had dug out my older computer which I had switched from Windows to Linux so that I could continue my various writing projects. Thankfully, I had backed up just about everything, Then this morning, I re-approached the salvaging of my newer laptop with the help of a techie. The results were a resounding success. The exercise left me with a sense of gratitude, both for the saving of the laptop and the realisation that if worse had come to worst, I would have lost very little in the process.

Do you save all of your files and data to an external hard-drive or to the cloud in one of its many variations? I use a variety of external sources, including the Google version of the cloud – external hard drive and a large USB flash drive. As a writer, this is a critical habit to make.

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