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Anniversary Free-Hiking

Caught on camera

Yesterday, we celebrated forty-nine years of marriage. As is normal for us, a walk in the countryside was included as part of our anniversary celebrations. We drove to one of our starting points near the hills to the south of our prairie town home, about seven kilometres. After parking the truck in a field that had been combined. I set my Garmin watch to record our hiking trail and other interesting stats. We followed the dirt road for 2.5 kilometres to the end of the road. Once through a gate, I removed my shorts and we continued on to walk up and down the hills and ravines which were removed from the busy countryside where harvesting was in progress.

My wife took this photo, as well as a few others while we were trekking through the hills and valleys. Though the photo was blurred, I decided that it was perfect, especially for this blog post. It’s the idea that the image projects more than the recording of an event. There is no doubt that the scene was natural rather than contrived. This was a thin wildlife trail through shrub where I was likely to get scratched by various bushes and thorny weeds if I wasn’t careful. It definitely couldn’t be a “selfie” moment. My wife simply took the opportunity to capture this image with her cellphone.

Five and a half kilometres later, we had returned to the beginning of the dirt road trail where the shorts were put back on and we retraced our steps to the truck. My Garmin watch recorded our hike. The straight line represents the part walked while I wore shorts. The circle at the bottom was my place and time for free-hiking. Just a side note, combining wheat was in progress in the field just to the right of where I had parked my truck. Soon, there will be no people to be seen in the area once the last of the crops are taken down and I will have all of this to myself meaning a longer distance to free-hike.

It was time to head home for a refreshing “cerveza con limon” on our deck in the back yard before our late lunch. Our backyard is my sanctuary where clothing is mostly optional. When we don’t have company and the weather is decent, I don’t wear clothing. This has become normal life now that the privacy fence has been constructed.


  1. hanchampion

    Congratulations on your anniversary. 49 years is quite a achievement.
    I envy the space and privacy you have to be able to free hike. Near Toronto there are too many people and little privacy.

    • rglongpre

      At least you have Hanlan’s Point Beach for the summer. As well [I am originally from Ontario] there are enough forests within distance to find some nude time in nature. Thanks for the congrats.

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