Moving Towards a New Normal

Privacy fence

The new privacy fence is done. I still have a repair to do for one of the old fence sections by the garden. With that done, I now have a new fence, a new garden shed, and a new deck. That brings an end to my focus on building projects, at least until the autumn season.

This has been a very different kind of spring for me. Normally, I would have travelled to three different homes scattered across the Canadian and American prairies to visit my grandchildren. As well, I would have attended about five book-signing events with the hopes of selling more of my books. Because of #StayHome #StaySafe, I have not ventured out using my truck, with the exception of two lumber yards and two grocery stores. The only other times for leaving the house and our property was to go for walks. It has been a strange three months indeed.

I’ve been paying attention to life. I have decided that this year will not have me travel to sell books at major bookstore signing events as I have done for the past three years. I don’t see or feel the need to travel very much. I have a yard that is now naturist friendly. I have free-hiking trails not too distant from my home. And, I have more than enough projects to keep me busy – writing projects for the most part. Naturally, #Covid19 has played a big role in having me think twice about travelling and trying to keep life “normal.” There is no returning to the old normal. All of us are finding ourselves forced to create a “new normal.”

Another decision I have made because of moving to a new normal, is with regards to this blog site. For a while, I have wondered about keeping it up. I think I have exhausted my desire to keep a naturist blog site going. I have been publishing naturist posts since 2009. My audience has dropped off significantly over the past number of months, suggesting that my readers are basically done with the blog site. as well. However, instead of shutting it down, I will try to post weekly for a while.  I will re-evaluate my decision later this summer. Before making a hasty decision, I will leave the fate of the site to you, my readers.

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  1. Scott Hanzelka says:

    In the end you should do what’s right for you.There are many ways to communicate with your readers.Perhaps it’s an increasing number of other sites available and the changes the virus are causing us all to make.In any case,do what makes you feel the best.

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  3. Nudealexis says:

    It’s been interesting to read about your work in the recent months, and I hate I didn’t find you sooner. I wish you luck in any endeavor.

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