Getting Down to Naturist Basics and Deck Building

Filling my truck with free dirt

Well, it seems that my last post was a “dud” as far as my readers are concerned. Perhaps, it was because it was too serious, too psychological. Though it has garnered no likes or comments, I will leave it there while I return to posting less serious material. I have a feeling that the corona virus pandemic has affected us all with its seriousness, leaving us to want to hear more “normal” stories of daily life, a naturist normal. With that said, I will return to my actual life on the prairies in the present, a life with limited outdoor nudity because it still isn’t warm enough to spend too many hours outdoors without clothing.

The shed is done and the old deck is now gone. For the next while, I will be getting the structural frame for a new deck built. For an academic type such as myself, this is easier said than done. I end up spending a lot of time “thinking” before doing, just so that I don’t have to tear it all done because either a, b, or c hadn’t been considered. One of the pre-construction tasks has been to build up the dirt around the house so that water doesn’t flow toward the house, a real problem for older houses.

I know a farmer not too far from town, who has a large hill of dirt next to a large dugout he has had prepared to bury old concrete and such. I got permission from him for a small truckload of dirt to be used against the house. Though it was cold and windy, I did manage a few moments of nudity while shovelling, just to say that I am tough. Of course, I wasn’t that tough as I soon reverted to my work jeans and a checkered shirt, along with my work gloves. I filled the truck the old fashioned way, by hand. That task done, I returned home with the intention of emptying it at some later point during the day. Two hours later the dirt was where it belonged.

Then it was time to plan out my first beam that would span twenty feet [east-west].  I placed four cement pads at regular intervals to hold the doubled 2×8 beams. Then I placed an adjustable deck support on top of each of the pads. Taking a length of wood, I then found that I was able to have the beam supports just as I wanted them. That was yesterday.

Today, we went for a six kilometre walk as a change of pace to begin the day. Once back, I got to work making sure that all was ready for the next stage. Now, in the middle of the afternoon, all turned out just as I had hoped for which now allows me to prepare for the second of three beams that will support the deck surface. Life is good and it’s time for some tea, or nude tea time in the back yard.

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  2. Allen says:

    I actually found your previous blog post helpful: I like reading that kind of reflection, and finding some kind of application to my own naked journey — a journey through the “transformative liminality” that living naked as much as possible offers. But I’m also aware that I have a tendency to take myself wa-a-a-ay to seriously … and I think that, beautiful as we may find the naked human body to be — any naked human body! — there is still a gentle way to find something humorous about the body, unprotected, and authentic , in its nakedness. And I wonder if you don’t bring something of that gentle humor into the world as you muse about your backyard naked carpentry: which offers its own kind of liminality.

    • skyclad says:

      Thanks, Allen. It doesn’t take much encouragement for me to continue to “mix it up” a bit with the two styles of writing, for different naturist audiences.

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