Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Doing Normal Things While Being Nude

Garden shed completed

As the image shows, the garden shed is done. Shelves are up and a place to hang garden tools and hoses is up within the shed as well. Behind the shed, the garden has been tilled. Tomorrow, weather permitting, a second tilling in the opposite direction will occur so that the ground will be prepared for planting which is scheduled for about two or three weeks from now, weather dependent of course. I have to admit that the shed now pleases me. It confirms within me that I have a few skills that are not academic in nature, more down to earth type of skills.

While I was tilling, my wife went to the post office and found a parcel for me, my new microphone has arrived. Of course, I had to give it a try while lunch was being prepared. The sound was good and I will look forward to beginning to transcribe my books into audio format. I will be searching for the appropriate software which will give me best results for creating an audio book. Naturally, I will hunt out free software that can be used with either Linux or Windows.

It is early evening as I write today’s post. It has turned quite cool outside and I am more than willing to be indoors. I have spent most of the day outside. There weren’t many moments for me to enjoy being clothing free while outdoors with just a few exceptions. Tea time is usually enjoyed au naturel, and today was no exception. As well, I did manage some garden time while nude. And no, there were no surprised people who surprised me with their sudden appearance while I was without clothing. Yesterday’s surprised cyclist again whizzed by the yard. There was nothing shocking to see, nor was there any attempt to check out the situation on the cyclist’s part.

As most of you know, the back deck is next on the agenda, and that begins tomorrow. Also making its way onto the list of things to do outdoors, is to raise the level of the fence. Because of the gardens, the bottom of the fence is going underground. Raising the fence will solve that problem which will extend the life of the fence. In addition, I will be able to provide more privacy for our back yard because of it. Raising the level of the fence and closing the gaps between the fence boards will make for better experiences for everyone concerned.

That idea of lessening the tension is vital if one is to normalise naturism. People know that I am frequently without clothing in my yard, and somehow that is okay. After all, I am in my yard. However, if I am too visible, too often, then the level of acceptance becomes at risk. The last thing local parents want to have happen is to have their children “see” a naked old man. Parents have their needs of what they feel is safety for their children. These needs have little to do with prudery, and more to do with the wider world where there are too many adults who prey on children. It’s not that there would be an automatic assumption that a nude male is more dangerous that one who is clothed. Rather, it is the assumption that older males who are strangers are typically the problem.

My task in this small prairie town, is to be my authentic self. Just being me both when clothed and clothing free is how I best normalise being a human who is often nude. Being nude outdoors, doing normal things without the suggestion of being an exhibitionist, is what makes a difference.


  1. Allen Knudsen

    Reflecting on the “un-curious bicycle rider who whizzed through your back alley” as you reported yesterday and again today: and on the need to “push boundaries” with the goal of “normalizing nakedness”. Yet there is always the fear of being perceived as a “predator”: a valid concern. I agree, there is the tension between “pushing boundaries” and “staying safe from the judgments of others.” I am normally naked when sheltered by the walls of my own dwelling; but I still haven’t gotten the will to resist the perceptions of others should I venture to carry the trash out to the back alley wearing nothing but foot protection!

    • skyclad

      The tension is both external (normalising process) and internal. No two individuals have the same internal and external tensions, making it impossible to make definitive statements. We can “judge” but judgements have no value. Best to live and explore our personal boundaries and possibilities. Thanks, Allen.

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