Nu comme le jour où je suis né

It’s Been One of Those Good Days

Garden tilling

A walk into the countryside in sunshine began a good day. Sunshine and warmth are always good things for a naturist at heart. Though the walk was done wearing clothes, it was worth every moment as I walked beside the woman who claimed my heart 50 years ago. We kept up a good, quick pace and soon found the walk had somehow come to an end. We both had energy to burn as we turned to yard work. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch. And then, I was left at home, alone as my wife went to work at the senior nursing home.

Of course, when this happens, I find myself out of my clothing outside almost all of the time. I guess if truth be told, I am nude outdoors much of the time when she is home as well. A few touch up chores were soon done and I began to till the garden. I didn’t till the garden last autumn and the going is hard. It will take me a few more hours this evening and a few more hours in the morning to finish.

I had a handle to make for the shed door. I decided to use leftovers from the siding and make the handle rather than buy one from the hardware store.  I had to use a jig saw as well as a power saw to form the pieces. Then using a hasp and a wood file, I was able to make a presentable handle. The test will be when my wife comes home and checks out the efforts.

There was only one glitch in the day. While I was working as seen in this second photo, a cyclist went by in the back lane. There was no question that I was seen. Only time will tell if there will be any fallout from this. I have never been seen nude by this person before. Though there was real worry and angst, there was also a realisation that perhaps I had stretched the normalising of naturism.


  1. Robert Payne

    As the temps were probably not good for clothes free outdoor work, possibly he did not believe his eyes.

    • skyclad

      It was an unknown she who was much younger than me.

  2. Scott Hanzelka

    The shed looks great.Hopefully you planted a seed and helped this person consider giving naturism a try.

    • skyclad

      Thanks, Scott. One never knows. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t result in something negative.

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