Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Extending the Definition of Naked Gardening

Door put on the Garden Shed

It’s World Naked Gardening day and I have to admit that I spent more than my fair share of the day without wearing clothing. I did wear clothing when we went for our morning countryside walk, and when I was actually “working” [it’s just the way it is around our place]. However, all relaxing both indoors and outside are done while clothing free. I don’t have to worry about tan lines as I get as much sun exposure as I need.

I did do some more work on the garden shed. I built the second door and I secured all the siding. Then, the process of cutting out the corner boards using the leftover siding began. By the time I called it quits for today, I had a garden shed that is basically ready to use. There still are some finishing touches, most of which will likely get finished tomorrow, weather permitting. A gardening day doesn’t just mean the tending of plants, it can include anything and everything that pertains to a garden, including the garden of the natural world outside of human habitations.

Like most naturists, I am often outdoors in the garden area, working or simply enjoying the area while clothing free. And also, like most other naturists, I find being clothing free in the wild nature out-of-doors is my preferred “garden” activity.

On Monday, I am off with my truck to get some sheep manure for the garden. This will be a task that I will do while wearing clothing as we are getting the manure from a local farming couple about ten kilometres distant from our home. A few days after putting it on the garden, I will till it so that it is well mixed. With the shed being completed, it will be time for me to begin a major deconstruction and reconstruction of our back deck. It has issues.

It appears as though I will have all sorts of opportunities for being physically active in our backyards this spring and summer. Even though it appears that our provincial government will begin opening up activities, businesses, etc., beginning tomorrow, my wife and I will not be rushing out to test the limits of safety for quite some time. The day will come when we will get to be face-to-face with our children and grandchildren. Until then, it is all about staying mentally and physically fit during this Covid19 pandemic.


  1. Warren Thwing

    I think if I would be allowed to do my gardening in the nude, I would do more of it, butt sadly my neighbours can see into my garden area so I wouldn’t want them to be shocked or worse call the police….

    • skyclad

      Talk to them. You might be surprised at their response, especially since you are upfront and there is not intent to shock.

  2. David

    Sunny, nude and gardening. Perfect combination. I can only sunbathe nude in the balcony.

    • skyclad

      At least the balcony exists. Enough to keep hope alive?

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