A toddler’s stand

I got a haircut this morning and I now feel I look the way I see myself – neither scalped nor shaggy. Once that was done and we had our morning walk, my task was to finish making a step stool of sorts for my youngest grandchild. The wood was cut, holes were drilled and the whole assembly was put together before it was time to have lunch. This afternoon it is being painted by my wife. The finished product will allow the little guy who is going to turn one before too long, to stand at the counter top to be involved while mother and sister are busy doing whatever at the counter. Older sister who is three, also has her own stand.

Naturally, this meant no time for writing this morning, and so far, none this afternoon. We did get out for a quick four kilometre walk. Normally we walk about twelve to thirteen minutes to travel one kilometre, today, the pace was between ten and eleven minutes per kilometre. There was a strong wind which was blowing snow pellets directly into our faces for a good part of our walk. We wanted the walk over as quickly as possible, especially since we had other activities waiting for our attention.

On a different note, I am more than surprised at how our neighbouring country, the USA, is fracturing during the pandemic. Large public gatherings are protesting “stay home, stay safe” directives, defying social distancing. Today that same public is calling for President Trump to fire the man responsible for the well-being of America, Dr. Fauci. Strangely, a similar crowd is calling for the Prime Minister to fire the doctor who is in charge of keeping Canada safe and healthy, Dr. Tam. Canada, unlike the USA, collectively follows the directives of Dr. Tam which has allowed us to test more, self-isolate more, and somehow that has resulted in a much better result than that of our southern neighbours. The angry opposition is finding itself more and more distant from the mainstream of the Canadian population.

I don’t want to make Covid19 the focus of my post here, or my posts in general, but it is hard to ignore the pandemic, especially when it touches every single person on the planet in some form or other. So to help change the channel, I turn to my writing and I listen to music. Another day will pass and another day will come. Now, it is time for me to return to my current work-in-progress.