Easter Thoughts as a Naturist

Easter thoughts

It’s supposed to be springtime on the prairies, a time for the circle of life to be in a period of renewal. Emerging from the cover of dead grasses, the crocus wears the colours one often associates with Easter – purple and gold. One of my friends found a crocus on her walk near her home on the prairies. I hope that when I am released from quarantine that I will also find these harbingers of spring.  Nature doesn’t disguise itself, hide its true face, unlike so many humans who abhor the sight of themselves and others. Camouflage is required, often by laws that make no sense.

Our religions are often to blame for this. The Easter story somehow has turned history on its head in order to paint a less-offensive story. Romans crucified criminals without worrying about worrying about their dignity. Nudity was normal. Clothing was worn when required.

Working as fishermen, as carpenters. or at other labour intensive jobs was done while nude. Slaves and peasants had either no, or very few clothes. Yet, we find the reality of history to be offensive, so we cover up wherever we can.

Early church history painted a different picture of Jesus and graced their buildings with this Son of God. He was beyond shame. He was presented as God had made man, unclothed.

Over the centuries, the paintings and the statues were touched up to hide any hint of sexuality. The world changed into a darker place. We are still there, still denying that we are supposedly made in the image of God, born naked in that image. We have redesigned God to be an old man encased in many layers of robes that allow only hands and face to be seen.

This bothers me to no end.

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  1. Robert Payne says:

    God has never made humans into his likeness. Humans have made the mythology of god into their likeness

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