Being a Solitary Naturist at Home Doesn’t Mean You Are Alone

It’s day nine of our quarantine here in Canada. I am finding that the past few days have been working well for me as I return to investing a lot of my time to writing. One project from the past that has benefited is my Patreon-only naturism novel. A three-month hiatus has been ended. I will be making sure that I have enough posts scheduled over the next while to help me get through expected times when motivation to do much reappears. I am enough of a realist to know that I will again find myself retreating into the shadow world from time to time.

I just ordered a microphone, a quality one to replace the headphone/microphone set that is now somewhere in South America. When it arrives in about six weeks – yes, it appears that non-essential deliveries will delay its arrival – I will get to finally being able to record my novels into audio books. I literally am filling in my time with ease. There isn’t the faintest hint of being bored.

For my well-being during this pandemic, all I find myself needing is sunshine, good food, the constant companionship of my wife, and the virtual company of my children and grandchildren, and the freedom to be clothing free.

What are your strategies for maintaining good mental health during the Covid19 crisis? I know that many are not doing well. If you are one of those who find themselves struggling, I encourage you to reach out to family, friends, and/or mental health counsellors. I know that a number of such counsellors are reducing their fees where there is need. A number of my colleagues are now using online media to provide such counselling since access to offices has mostly been lost for so many in need. I include myself as a mental-health resource though I have been retired and not taking clients for a few years.

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