The promised sunshine hasn’t appeared … yet. I still have a bit of hope that the sky will clear. In spite of the cloud cover and a tinge of dreariness in the weather, I find that I am able to write. Of course, I am writing indoors near the big picture window looking out to the fields and hills in the distance. Since no one is walking around outside on the street, I don’t need to even think of wearing clothing [not that I would] in this otherwise exposed location. When there is a lot of traffic outside, I tend to write in my home office.

I have finally finished the opening of my Naturist Post-Pandemic story, and I have posted it to my Patreon site. Unlike most of my posts to Patreon, this story will be visible to everyone who wants to read it. You can find that first part here. Read it and let me know in a comment there, and a like if possible. Of course, I will also accept comments here for those who feel more comfortable doing so.

I have a different Naturist story being published, a chapter at a time at my Patreon site. You can read it with a patron donation of $1 or more. With a $3 or more donation, I will mail out a copy of one of my books after twelve months of sponsorship. Also in the Patrons-Only section, I have naturism illustrated poems. I hope to see you there. As a writer, I can’t depend on Amazon to provide me with some sort of supplementary income. That is why I have a Patreon account. In a way, it takes the relationship between writer and reader to a more personal dimension, a relationship that was critical before the modern publishing industry reared its sometimes ugly face. There is a caveat. The writing that appears on my Patreon site is naturist in both philosophy and plot. There is no erotic component, no titillation. Yet, there is also no shying away from honest sensuality when it would appear naturally. If you are searching for porn literature [is there such a thing, I mean the “literature” part?] it won’t be found at my Patreon site.

NB – The Patreon site has been discontinued.