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Social Isolation Just Got More Isolated for This Naturist

No place to go

Well, I knew it was coming, but I really wasn’t ready for it. The Ecuadorian military has shut down all the beaches, parks, and recreational areas in the country. Everyone is to stay at home. And, they mean business. Break curfew, drive when you aren’t supposed to, be where you aren’t supposed to be – potential for three years in jail. Yesterday, a man broke curfew, plead guilty and was given 4 months in prison rather than the otherwise minimum of 1 year. There is also a fine option of US$6,000 for breaking curfew. Needless to say, this all makes me feel safer here in Ecuador that I would feel in the USA, Europe, and even Canada.

With no beach walking, my routines have changed. We created an exercise routine setting up outdoor stations in our yard and patio. At the end of our morning rotation through the stations, I sat for twenty minutes of mediation. This will now become a two-meditation sessions per day, both morning meditation in the shade, and as pictured above, afternoon meditation in the sun.

Sunbathing shifts from somewhere down the beach to a corner near the patio which is hidden from potential passersby. This is the same location as where I meditate.  This is how a naturist self-isolates in Ecuador when there is a bit of outdoor private space. We are lucky as the three-house compound is empty with the exception of the two of us.

I went grocery shopping, one of the few things allowed, this morning. I bought a few face masks so that I don’t cause the local shop owners or passing locals to worry about the foreigner they see passing them. Small shops don’t let you in the store, they get what you need and bring it to the front of the store for you. Knowing some Spanish is very, very helpful. The store workers are wearing face masks and use hand sanitizers before serving a customer. And in two stores, they squirt sanitizer on your hands before  you enter their store. In another store, they even offered sanitizer after payment has been made. Once at home, I went through the washing up using soap and water. I’m doing my part for helping control and contain the COVID19 pandemic. As our Canadian Health Minister has said, we don’t want to just want to flatten the curve, we want to “plank” it.

Now, with even more at home time in my hands, I have begun to rewrite the third book of my autobiographical series. Book two is now available at Amazon.


  1. NaturistFabArt

    Social isolation has changed in the last few days here in Canada at least. Bars, restaurants, liquor stores and any theatrical or music venues have been canceled. Store hours have been reduced and small businesses are closed. As it stands anyone 70 and over have been asked to remain home. Sadly, as Québécois are stubborn they are disobeying the law enforced by their government (figures). Only four airports (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal) remain open with no outgoing flights. It is a difficult time for many but we take walks in less frequently used trails. At home, I draw as I do and go about keeping my social media up to date and chat on messenger or Skype with my family. John, gets more restless than I and he can’t wait for the Casino to reopen! Thankfully, you are both safe and you will be able to return home to your family soon. All the best, Fabien

    • skyclad

      Grateful for your kind words, Fabien. I will do my part here. Be well, stay safe, and remember we are all in this together.

  2. Scott Hanzelka

    It’s sort of a mixed blessing.You’re at least stuck in a weather friendly space for clothes distancing.Hopefully,if enough people follow what must be done this will pass soon.Thankfully,we still have many ways to give support to others.Best of luck with your projects and hope for you to be able to get home soon.

    • skyclad

      Thanks, Scott. This too, shall pass. We are in this together.

  3. Fred

    I think I’d trade off some of that security for more freedom. You aren’t going to catch COVID-19 from a mostly empty beach. That is overkill. Especially given that you are still going shopping where you’re in much more contact.

    • skyclad

      Without the mandate, the beach is always packed. How do you police this? You don’t. As they just found out in Florida, the only solution to social irresponsibility is to declare the parks, beaches, and other social outdoor areas – closed until further notice. Your freedom of movement does not get to put others at risk. Putting yourself at risk is a double-edged sword. Of course, I am using you and your in a generalised sense of the word, not one directed to you personally, Fred.

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