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It’s a good day. This morning has been busy, beginning with a six kilometre walk in the countryside with my wife. Of course, we both wore winter clothing as it is winter on the Canadian prairies. Back at home following our walk, I was able to get into some serious editing work. I have given the second edit to Chapter Three of the Father Time book, as well as about two-thirds of Chapter Four.  In the last post, I included book links at Wattpad for those who would be interested in following along with the two stories being published there, one chapter at a time. For the Father Time book, I intend on publishing a new chapter every Wednesday. I already have 36 chapters on the site now waiting their turn, chapters that still need serious editing work.

But, my life isn’t just about writing. This afternoon, I will be going to the senior centre in our town to play Bridge. I will be the youngest player there with a few being over ninety years old. In the evening, we will both go to the senior centre for the annual Christmas Dinner. Though I am an introvert, I do make time to try and fit into our community.

As far as naturism is concerned, the only way to enjoy any nudity in the winter time in our town, is within my home, usually in my office/library. It’s not much, but it is better than nothing. It is the way it is.

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  1. Paul says:

    As long as you can do what you feel is best for you, you are a lucky person. Even when you’re the youngest around. (That made me smile.)

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