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December 1st – This has always been a special day for me. There is something about this day, especially in the past few years, that has caused it to stand out even more. First, For the past forty plus years, this has traditionally been the day we set up our Christmas tree and set out all the decorations. Traditionally is an important word which does not mean “always.” This year, we set it up two days ago as we will be away from our prairie home for almost two weeks in December because of visiting family. As well, in the past, there have been two occasions when we were out of country, once to Cuba and once to Mexico during the Christmas season. The four years in China still had us setting up some sort of Christmas decoration so that we could feel a connection with all of our family and friends in North America and elsewhere. For the past six years, I have been an avid participant in NaNoWriMo. The last day of writing for that challenge is November 30th. December 1st then becomes the start of a more relaxed approach to the work-in-progress [WIP] that had begun on November 1st. Yesterday, I ended up with 52,893 words for that WIP. I imagine that before I finish that story, which I am already in the rewrite stage, there will easily be another 20,000 or more words added. It’s just the way it is when you return to the initial draft and find all sorts of holes and missing pieces. And, it’s all good. This year, December 1st also the first day this site is viewed from a new web-host provider. I wasn’t happy with the last provider and this one has already made a difference in my satisfaction levels. However, there had been one glitch in the process of shifting from one host to the next. I lost all the posts written since November 12th. This wasn’t the first time I have lost posts. Since few, if any, of my posts are vital, the losses are not life-changing. I won a new provider and I lost a few blog posts. And now, with a new month and a new provider, I am ready to continue my shared journey with you, my readers. On another note, I am using a different URL for this post while I wait for problems to be resolved on the /naturistlens/ page. Perhaps I will remain a this page – if it is necessary. All the old posts have been imported. The only thing missing would be the statistical history, which is of no interest to readers. I have had 150,000+ page views since 2016. The views from 2009-2016 are lost somewhere in time. But then again, are these things all that important?
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