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Settling Back in to a Presence at Home

On the road home

I’ve been home less than twenty-four hours and I can definitely say that I feel “at home.” For one thing, I get nude time at home. I don’t have limitations in our house other than when we have company over, or at meal times. Early this afternoon, I got to lay in the sun for three-quarters of an hour – I could have stayed longer, but that is long enough when there are things to do.

I love being at my son’s home where I get to spend a lot of quality time with three grandchildren. Games of cards and chess were enjoyed with the nine year old. The two year old got to play all sorts of nonsense as far as an adult mind is concerned. And the five week old grandson was in for some needed bonding time. He sure is a curious and wide awake little guy.

Home is a good place, when it is someplace where one can be authentically oneself. My neighbours accept the fact that I am often nude and occasionally visible as such. It doesn’t stop them from getting together with my wife and I for wine or a meal. Living in a small town teaches one that neighbours are vital. When I was meditating in the yard this morning, one of the neighbours entered our yard, saw me, and proceeded to enter into the house for coffee with my wife. Nothing offensive, nothing remarkable, just a naked man in meditation.

In Between Times

It has been a busy day and I am finally able to get some time to write here though I’m not sure what I have to say that would be worth your time. Like I had mentioned at Naturist Fiction, I have been missing-in-action due to life getting in the way, and a writer’s block. Well, it isn’t quite a heavy writer’s block that is getting in the way. Being on the road and family obligations are taking up a lot of my time. I have just returned to my son’s home to help out with a few things for the weekend, including taking one of my grandsons to his golf lessons on Sunday.

Busyness aside, the main reason I have been absent is due to my computer. It has become painfully slow and often needs to be shut down. A new computer is on order and that should solve most of my problems. As part of preparing for a new computer, I have been backing up as much as possible on a new external hard drive. I have about 350 GB of stuff that needs to be moved. This is painful because of the problems the laptop is giving me.

Life will move into the slow lane for me once I return home on Monday. I have no obligations to go anywhere for at least three weeks. That said, I am thinking it might be a good time to visit the naturist club, a four hour drive. If I go, it will be a solo affair. Because of that, I might choose not to go. After all, I get to be clothing-free when I am at home. I sleep better at home in my own bed, beside my wife. It will be a last-minute decision which will be based on weather conditions. Now, it’s time to post this and go to sleep. Morning comes early with grandchildren expecting their grandfather to play and entertain. Bye for now.

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