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A Few Words From My Garden

Roses in the garden

Tomorrow another road trip begins. I will be travelling to pick up grandson #6 and returning to my house. Then on Tuesday, we make the drive to grandsons #3, #4, and #5’s home. We stay there for a few days before heading out all together for a few days of camping. That will be followed by a return to my home, and then taking grandson #6 back home. I will stay at his home for two nights before heading to Edmonton for a series of three book-signing events. Back to his home and another book-signing event. A few days rest at his home is then followed by four days of book signing in Calgary. Then and only then, do I get to go home. I already know that I will be exhausted in the process.

I am an introvert and being too much with others, even family, leaves me drained. Being with grandchildren leaves me worn out as they are all about doing and doing and doing. I don’t anticipate any nude time while with the grandchildren, and not very much time while in Calgary or Edmonton. At least I will have about three weeks of home time before we head out for a six-week tour of north-western Europe. I can’t imagine that I will find many opportunities to make a significant presence here. However, that said, I won’t be abandoning the blog site.

I am writing these words while on my back deck looking out at the garden which has been trimmed in anticipation of a lack of attention while we are in the USA. Since my wife will be home while I am in Edmonton and Calgary, at least the garden will get some care. We do the best we can to be present in each other’s life and in the lives of our children and their families. In the end, that is the best we can do.

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  1. Matthew McDermott

    Where are your signings taking place? It sounds like it will be a tiring, but rewarding, time for you.

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