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Writing Naked on National Nude Day

Writing nude

I got a message, or rather I should say, a Tweet, from Matthew McDermott that was also directed to other Naturist Fiction writers. He talks about doing some naked writing for National Nude Day, as well as offering a hope that a number of us other naturist fiction writers are able to do the same. Naturally, I always write while naked, so this is something that I can do in support of his hope that I and other naturist authors do the same.

With that thought in mind, I decided to write a short, very short story about a National Nude Day activity. The story is about a real life experience, free-hiking on the Canadian prairies. So far, the story is at 700 words and will likely expand to about 1500 words before it is finished. I will decide later if I will publish the story here, or submit it to Going Natural, the FCN naturist magazine. I have had a number of articles published in Going Natural over the past year. It helps to have a friend – we’ve met in real life – who is the editor of the magazine.

I guess that I could add this blog post to the list of naked writing being done today. With that, it’s time for me to do a bit more free-hiking, call it research for the story.

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  1. Matthew McDermott

    That’s awesome! I had some professional writing to do – non-fiction but not nudist – and I got about 1000 words down myself. Fairly productive day of nude noodling for me!

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