Hiking in the City

It’s a waiting game as my surgery is finally set for Thursday, June 6th. It appears that my blood pressure is up. I go for a pre-op appointment on Monday afternoon. Needless to say, I am working on bringing the BP down a bit as I will be having the hernia repair done under local anaesthetic. Part of my strategy for bringing the BP down is to reduce my coffee intake to two cups of coffee or less per day, and to increase my walking distances and/or walking speed. Once I have the operation, it will be a few days before I can again walk with some level of comfort.

Yesterday, I travelled again to Red Deer with my wife to visit our son, watch the grandson play ball, and wait for the newest grandchild to appear … we’re still waiting as I write this. Now, since we are in a city, the walking will, of necessity, be done clothed. The city has a great pathway system which allowed me to push myself. As you can see from the image, I upped my pace to just over 10 minutes per kilometre. The red line on the right marks the path on the outside edge of the city with farm fields bordering the walking path. The little blue star indicates a path through a small wooded area.

One of the things I have failed to mention in the past few posts, is the fact that I am using a Garmin watch which gathers GPS data for my hikes. I am putting it to the test as I learn the various features of the watch. Since we will be hiking a lot in Europe this autumn, I want to know enough to help me better track distances and stops for photos.

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  2. Vittorio Volpi says:

    About shadow: I don’t think I have one. If you have a word you have the substance and Ockham will say that there is no necessity.
    Every time I take a picture of me, I take the risk of being seen. When I take my clothes off going for the pose I fear&hope that someone comes and see me. Fear is not the right word, nor hope. If it happens that someone passes by I’ll not dress in a hurry, I simply will take my time and my picture. Because I make no harm to anyone, maybe I’m unusual, but none could think I have bad intentions, even young ladies who fear&hope to be raped and have the chance to chatter and chatter about

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