Nu comme le jour où je suis né

It’s a Time For Waiting

It’s a bit of a gloomy morning with the sun not making an appearance through the clouds. As a result, my time outside this morning close to non-existent. One benefit of this kind of weather is more time spent indoors writing. It has been a while since I last posted here, so I made it a point to put up a new post just to let all know that all is well.

As the blog title says, I am busy waiting. Grandchild number eight will arrive within the next five or six days. We have agreed to be at my son’s home to help take care of the other two grandchildren as life begins to adjust to a third child in the house. This is a pleasant kind of waiting. In addition to waiting on another grandson, I am waiting for an upcoming minor surgery to correct an abdominal hernia, something that needs to be addressed before the end of June in my opinion. Since we are heading to Europe for six weeks in the autumn, I want to be in great shape for walking and touring while carrying my backpack.

Regardless of the weather, we go out for a walk almost every day. Of course, I wear clothes as we walk along country roads that are busy with passing tractors and half-ton trucks. We walk between 5 and 10 kilometres for these walks.

And, of course, I am working on editing and writing two different books at the moment. With that said, it is time to post this and get busy building the two new posts for the coming week. Adieu.


  1. Bob

    This is a time to be adrift. Waiting for the summer to appear. Can’t wait to read your next two blogs. And. Congrats on tge new grandbaby

    • rglongpre

      Thanks, Bob.

  2. Scott Hanzelka

    Congrats on the impending grandbaby.Hope your surgery goes well so you can enjoy your trip.

    • rglongpre

      Thanks, Scott. 🙂

  3. Joe M

    Best wishes for your surgery and for your grand baby’s birth. May warmer temps head your way and a great hiking trip await you

    • rglongpre


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