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Problems Defining Self as a Naturist

There is a problem in the world of naturism. Well, the problem isn’t just in naturism, but more about the use of the word, naturism. Joy is not a naturist by self-definition. When I look at the many people I know in the face-to-face world who claim to be naturists, I am beginning to think that perhaps no one is a naturist. The word is too hard to define. That said, there is a consensus in the “naturist” community for what the word is supposed to mean. Nudity is front and centre. Add in the idea of being in one’s “natural state” whether indoors or outdoors, doing “natural” things while “au naturel.” Meditation, hiking, housework, reading, watching TV, a picnic, exercise, sunbathing … the list is long as it includes anything you can do clothed, normal activities in your life.

Joy Nelson, a Canadian, is a person who doesn’t define herself as a naturist though so much of what she presents to the world in her images, shows a naturist idea or ideal. It is there where we need to look when in search of what exactly is naturism – the ideal. It’s a concept which seems easy to understand – no clothing, natural activity, no agenda for the nudity other than as a state of being. We can all get there from time to time. However, just as in meditation, one can’t stay there. Alan Watts basically said the same about not being able to stay in a state of Zazen as a Zen Buddhist. We basically are humans, needing no permission to be human as we stumble in and out of more than one philosophy.

I am a Buddhist … at times. I am a Jungian … at times. I am a naturist … at times. I am a normal textile person … well the normal part is iffy … at times. I am an author … at times. I float in and out of roles and personae as does everyone else. How do I, or you, put a label on who we are. I know that for this blog site, I self-identify as a Canadian Naturist. However, That is only one part of being a complex being. One thing that is central to the naturist philosophy, for that is in the end what it is, is the state of not being sexual, with a sexuality intent. It isn’t pop-porn. It isn’t for titillating others. It isn’t about hooking up with others. There are a lot of “isn’ts” and that is important to know.

Yet, those isn’ts are about naturism, not about being human. We are sexual beings, with sexual desires. We are individuals who need the interaction with others. There is a hierarchy of needs that need to be met as humans and no one philosophy: Christianity, Buddhism, Naturism, consumerism, or whatever – which can provide us with all of our needs. What we need to do is to become better aware of ourselves, make choices that allow us to be ourselves in our best version, and accept we are as authentic, unique humans. And somewhere along the way, have some fun.


  1. sassycoupleok

    Many of us enjoy being nudist but as you alluded to we all approach it in our own ways. Despite what is often said about nudism we are all affected differently by all the things in our lives. We are influenced in how we feel about being nude with ourselves and others by our upbringing, our religion, our financial security and lastly by our own personal sexual desires or in some cases the lack thereof.

    So yes everyone has their own unique nude experiences based on how they define themselves. Do you define yourself as a purist type nudist or one that enjoys the very sexual/swinging side of of nudism or are you somewhere in between.

    We find ourselves somewhere in between. We have enjoyed hosting nude dinners with nice wines and such, outdoor cookouts with nude yard games and indoor table games. However we have also enjoyed a few intimate moments with others, all unsolicited, it was simply the right people at the right moment. Totally consensual with nothing forced. We are all still friends with fond memories of our times together.

    So yes, we feel we are being authentic to ourselves and having fun along the way.

  2. Melvin Beattie

    Have trouble with “isms” first and foremost we are humans clothed or without clothing. At this very moment here in Montana it is -4F degrees with stiff wind blowing out of north with snow I am clothed. I may be crazy but not stupid.

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