When Nudity Becomes Normalised

She sat in the rocking chair

I was sitting in my usual chair seen here, reading while nude, while my wife sat on her chair just a few feet away, talking on the phone, when one of our neighbours quietly entered our house. She had been over for a BBQ supper earlier with her husband. We had said good-byes as they were off on a camping trip the next day. Usually when she entered our home, she would call out as she knows that I am usually nude in our home. She had seen me naked in the past, instances that were likely more of a shock to me than to her.

Well, to continue the story, she entered our home without knocking, or making any noise at all. She saw me looking at her as she stood in the kitchen were she removed her shoes in silence. Then she walked into our living room passed my wife to where I sat reading, just as I am in this photo. She then sat in the empty rocking chair next to my chair, and asked me to write out the rules of a game she intended to play while camping, as she was taking two of her grandchildren camping with her and her husband. My nudity was obvious, with nothing hidden from her view.

My wife gave a momentary start, but then ignored her presence as she continued talking on the phone.Though I didn’t know the rules of the game, I set my book aside, the only thing that had partially hid my genitals, and I took the pencil and paper she handed me. Seeing my situation and wanting to help out, my wife went to the games closet calling our neighbour to follow her, and got out the rules for her so that she could write out the rules for herself on the paper. When our neighbour was done she left with a thank you and a smile.

Since that day, I can’t begin to count the number of times that I have been seen nude by her and our other neighbours. This is the new normal in my world. Do you have a story to tell about a similar situation? I hope to hear from you here in the comments.

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10 Responses to When Nudity Becomes Normalised

  1. Karl says:

    I wish the whole world could accept nudity as perfectly normal like your lady friend. If this were to happen to me, my wife would have a coniption fit. I dream of a world in which I can mowe the grass, take out the garbage, do other household chores outdoors, and even take a stroll in the neighborhood without getting dressed, without being thought strange (or worse), and without the threat of being arrested.

  2. Attila says:

    A good few months back in one of Florida’s truck stops, I was resting with my curtains pulled closed, the window on my side rolled down, having a few smokes and of course on my one button suit checking on nudism news. I had only the curtain on my side pulled a little more open to see the traffic, when one truck stopped in front of my truck, he stepped out of his truck and came directly to me to ask me for another truck stop further down the highway. He climbed on the steps on my side and when he saw that I was naked he didn’t had any negative reaction, I just kept sitting the way I was. He went back to his truck to get his GPS navigator to show him exactly where he had to go. I told him, he tank me and he followed his way. He might have been just another nudist or he just accepted my nudity.

  3. Guy says:

    I had a 21 yr old niece I hadn’t seen in 10 years come live with us for 3 weeks and she was fine with our nudity. She got the flu on week 2 and I had to take her to the hospital. They told her to take off her top to put on their gown and she could have me step out if she wanted. She declined and changed in front of me not hiding herself at all.

    Then in about a week, her mother came in to town who I also hadn’t seen in 10 years and showed up unexpectedly at our door. I was sitting naked under an Afghan and told her I would get up and hug her but I’m not wearing anything. She said something to the effect of, we are family and she didn’t care so I got up and hugged her and chatted with her for quite a while with nothing on and it was no big deal.

    • rglongpre says:

      I think we would all be surprised at the others in our lives that would make no big deal over seeing us nude. Thanks Guy.

  4. JIM POLSTON says:


  5. gshanz123 says:

    Once when I was house sitting at my sister’s I was in the pool.My sister’s best friend showed up unexpectedly.She saw I was nude and said”oh since you’re nude I can tan topless then.”I said,”You can tan nude if you want,just do whatever you’re comfortable with.”Nothing more was said about either choice and we enjoyed the pool and sun on a south Texas summer day.

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