Dreaming of Naturism 24/7

Dreaming versus reality

I saw a tweet on Twitter earlier today that had someone who was proud to state that he had been living nude 24/7 for more than 200 days. That is an accomplishment to be sure. However, I have to ask, at what cost? And when I ask this question, I am talking about myself should I attempt to do the same.

Like most nudists and naturists, I prefer being without clothing. Clothes don’t cut it for me. If I lived in a perfect world, I would live in a tropical or sub-tropical climate where clothing would not be needed for weather purposes. Not only would I live in such a place, but all of my family and friends would be there with me. And that’s where the whole thing comes crashing down. I have adult children who are married and have children of their own. Each of these three adult children lives in a different location. They are living where their jobs take them. Unless they could find the same careers where I was able to live 24/7 while nude, getting together would be a rarer event.

Would my children even come to visit me in such a naturist community? Since they are married their answer has to be framed with the needs, expectations, fears, and attitudes of their partners. They have married great people, but not people who are accepting enough of naturism to bring their children to visit their naked grandfather. However, they are very welcoming when I go to their homes to visit while wearing clothing. Since I don’t live in a naturist community, and since I live on the Canadian prairies, I am nude only when circumstance and conditions permit. So, my grandchildren do come to visit my home on the prairies. Of course, I don’t challenge the situation by being nude while they visit. It’s my choice. Of course, I could make the choice to relocate anyway rationalising that if they loved me, truly loved me, they would visit often and join me as naturists. Now that is fantasising. I need to keep my head in the real world of family and a larger society.

Now to set the record straight, there is a naturist community in the province where I live where I could live year round. Of course, for eight months of the year, the only place you can be nude in spite of being surrounded by others who like to live nude, is within buildings. The community doesn’t have stores or other community-type services we take for granted in our textile communities. Other naturist communities exist as well in North America and Europe. But to be able to live in one with all the normal services and conveniences is going to cost money. And to be honest, most people living in such communities are retired people. Making a living pretty well demands that we leave the cocoon of the naturist community. This was the reality we noticed when staying in a naturist community in southern Spain, where we found out, climate still forced us to wear clothing from time to time.

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3 Responses to Dreaming of Naturism 24/7

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    Unfortunately, circumstances force us to be clothed at times even though it’s against our wishes. Thus we should cherish the days of freedom that we do enjoy !!!

    • rglongpre says:

      With warmer weather coming, I am looking forward to increased clothing-free time with friends who share the same passion for freedom.

  2. Jan & Gary says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice and a perfect world if we could be nude all the time. We agree with you and face the same situation, too. Not to worry. We just treasure our nude time, more.

    Jan&Gary 😊☀️

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