There Are Negative Consequences For Naturists

So why do I and many others, slip away from the centre, from the normal worldview, and risk family, friends, community, and even freedom? When one slips off the edges of what is commonly held as acceptable, one is likely at risk. There is little love for those who stray from the centre regardless of what moral truths are to be found outside of that centre. The further from the centre, the greater the risk.

Now before  I get too involved with talking about the outliers of society, the collective, I want to point out that if we look closely at the centre, there is no one standing there. So, why is there a centre if no one can be at the centre? Fear. The primal fear of being different from others has so many willing to adopt one fashion after another in spite of cost. If the shoe is uncomfortable, just wear it with pride knowing that you have the “right” shoes on unlike those who aren’t quite with the program of the centre. But don’t get comfortable for it’s going to change. The end result is a life lived in anxiety. “What if they find out that I’m different?” Media manipulates this anxiety to achieve control and power.

So, why do naturists and nudists shed their clothing when the normal human avoids nudity and actively attempts to prevent others from being clothing free? I wish that I could answer this in simple terms, but I can’t. The reasons are unique to each individual though there as some commonly held reasons. The truth is that we can’t actually explain the real reasons for we don’t consciously know what pushes us from within our personal centres, our unconscious self. Of course we can say things we believe from our consciousness – freedom, feeling, health, wellness, beauty, a sense of wholeness, etc. These are all truths, but it doesn’t really explain why we take risks.

Where there is a boundary, a restriction, there is not freedom. The boundaries are often for protection, but they are still boundaries. The boundaries may be of ideology, but no ideology – religious, political, or whatever – is anything but a response to other ideologies, to fear of other.

So why do I risk my relationship to others by standing out in the open without clothing? Compulsion? Yes. The sense of freedom? Yes. The feeling? Yes. But to be honest, I don’t really know why as it threatens so much. If I am too much out in the open, there will be negative consequences that I will suffer.

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  1. mike b says:

    I so understand and agree with your words. I just wish I could be naked wherever and whenever I felt inclined to be and clothed when I wanted!

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