A Plug For the Naturist Fiction Co-op Writers’ Group

I am deliberately taking time out from writing to reconnect here with you, my readers. It is too easy for me to get lost in the words and worlds of writing with the result that whatever friendships I have, even if they are only cyberspace friendships via Twitter, Facebook, or this blog site, are abandoned.

With the weather seeming to improve ever so slightly, I am enjoying my daily walks again though they are shorter, only just over five kilometres long. I am still waiting for my feet to get used to being enclosed in boots after so many months of walking barefoot on the sand beside the Pacific Ocean in Ecuador. When will I finally get to walk au naturel is up to the weather and life happenings around my house.

On another note, I am pretty well prepared for this Saturday’s book-signing event with the book, It’s Complicated being the featured book at the store. Of course I will be selling my other naturist novel, A Small Company of Pilgrims as well. Speaking of naturist fiction, I want to remind you of the site, Naturist Fiction which features blog posts and other interesting stuff by myself, Will Forest also known as Nudescribe, [author of Aglow, and Co-ed Naked Philosophy], and Paul Z. Walker [author of the Naked Crow series, and the Mirror Earth series]. If you haven’t checked out the site, please consider this your personal invitation to do so.

Now, it’s time for me to head back to my writing. Until the next time, be the best authentic you that lurks beneath clothing and the camouflage of persona.

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3 Responses to A Plug For the Naturist Fiction Co-op Writers’ Group

  1. George Scott Hanzelka says:

    Good luck with your book signing.Hopefully,the readers realize they need to read A Small Company of Pilgrims to make It’s Complicated easier to follow and more enjoyable to read.Both well worth the read for sure.

  2. Paul Leer says:

    Yes god luck with the pen. On the link to naturist writers only males, are there female writers out to give a balance
    Also thanks for some great blogs. Paul

    • rglongpre says:

      I know of quite a few female naturists, a few of whom have blog sites, but I don’t know of any who are publishing books. Good question Paul. The three writers are far from the complete list of authors who write fiction that has either naturism or nudism as a foundation for their work.

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