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Nude Huaorani Tribe of Ecuador

Huaorani Tribe

Obviously I didn’t take this photo. I found it doing research on the Huaorani Tribe which still lives in the region I visited a few days ago. If one goes further down river into Yasuni National Park, the men in a few isolated villages still have this dress code. The penis is held against their body in the upright position with a string, a practice begun when a boy becomes a man in their society. To be seen without the penis string is akin to being seen naked for most North and South Americans. What is seen over the string is the foreskin which stretches over time.

The two women in this image, on the left hand side with the children, have the same string which likely signifies that they are dressed as well. The best guess would be to say that if one is without their string, there must be an intention for some private activity between a man and a woman.

In the last image, a young woman has a stylised version of the belly string. Other similar photos show her with other young women all dressed the same obviously taking part in a tribal dance. While I was in Misahualli, along the same River not too distant from the isolated villages where the people still live, hunt and work nude, a similar dance was given by some women from a different village. Of course, being near civilisation, they wore grass skirts and a coconut half-shell bra for the performance to welcome the Gringo visitors to their village. I didn’t make it to the distant villages as it would have required an additional few days. Since I was part of a small group of eight with a larger agenda, I deferred to the group. Perhaps someday I will make another Amazon journey to see the more isolated villages of the Huaorani Tribe.


  1. αNaturist

    I was trying to visit them a year ago, but was even less luck than you

    • SkyCladTherapy

      I’d be interested in what experiences you had regardless. Thanks for adding your voice here. 🙂

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