While Waiting For Peru

Nude massage

The NaNoWriMo project is done and I wrote 51,000 words, just enough to be called a winner. I am not pleased with the story as it is and realise that it will need a lot of work if it is to ever be ready to be published.

On the agenda for today, was a visit to Elida for a massage at our health centre. I was fortunate to get an authentic photo of the two of us in a scene that is normal when I get massages from her. In this one, I am paying her for the completed massage.  

I have to admit that I am getting excited about our next adventure. We are flying out on December 4th with our first stop in Toronto. An eight-hour layover is in store for us before we can catch our flight to Lima, Peru. Once in Lima, we get another eight-hour layover until we take a connecting to Cusco. I am excited. We both are excited.

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