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Free-Hiking in Nature

Heading to the hills

It’s a beautiful early July summer’s day here on the prairies. With my morning tasks taken care of, I got into my truck and drove about seven kilometres out of town to hike down a road that is rarely used with the exception of a few farmers who use the trail to get to their fields of grain and hay.

The trail began with a gentle downhill which within steps had me hidden from any dirt road traffic and fully alone with nature. As I walked along, I took photos of the wildflowers which were abundant and beautiful. The trail soon switched to a series of rises and falls which took me further and further away from roads and farmyards.

There were all sorts of photo opportunities which I took advantage of with the hope of showing you just how inviting the wild prairies are to a naturist. There is nothing boring about the landscape which is anything but flat near my home. Oh, there are relatively flat fields where grain and pulse crops such as canola form the economic foundation of our community and of the Canadian prairies as a whole.

The path came to an end at a fence line. As I looked back at the way I came, I noticed a “Road Closed” sign. I am thankful for having this trail fall off the radar as it gives me a private place for free-hiking without having to worry about getting caught with my pants down.

Partway up the hills, I stopped to get a shot that would include the start of Whitebear Lake, a lake that has just re-appeared in the past three years after an absence of decades. I continued to climb the hills for a little longer and realise that I had forgotten to bring water along with me.

It seemed that with that realisation, I got even thirstier. There was no doubt in my mind that I had to return home in order to re-hydrate. I wasn’t disappointed as I had spent two full hours hiking on the prairies. And since it is still early summer, there will be many more opportunities for other hikes in the hills.

Each time I have walked along this trail, there is always something new that catches my eye, whether it is a plant, an animal, or a curious bird. It is all good.

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  1. sassycoupleok

    I finally convinced K some years ago to hike nude. We have several trails that we use a lot that are typically unencumbered by others. As you said, no matter how many times we have done them there is always something new to be discovered. Plus, the freedom of doing it nude is without true explanation.

    T & K

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