Writing skyclad

We are in the midst of a heat wave. It began last Saturday and is expected to last another two weeks with temperatures approaching or well above 30C. Naturally, that only encourages me to spend even more time while skyclad, outdoors. Today, I begin to take my writing back outside while the weather is suitable for this activity. It is here that I am writing this blog post.

My neighbour came over for a cup of tea a short while ago not long after I had set up the writing corner. As usual, she saw me in nothing but my skin. This is a common occurrence for her, seeing me without clothing and there is not the slightest trace of her being offended by my nudity. Sometimes I wonder if she deliberately comes over when I am likely nude and my wife isn’t at home

Because she and her husband are more my wife’s friends, I asked her if my wife were to be gone for one reason or other, would they remain my friends? I wanted to clear up the thought that they were only my friends because of my wife, a state that would change if she wasn’t here any more. My neighbour was quick to point out that they were indeed my friends as well, and that they would continue to come over and invite me to their place for meals, beverages, and simply for company.

When one is in a relationship, one enters into relationships with the others in the partner’s orbit. Some of these relationships fall away for one reason or another, and others become shared relationships between the partners. Think of how many men’s guy friends become memories that fade into time. The same goes for many of a woman’s female friends. Only the friends who have carved out a deeper relationship, one that is open to sharing that relationship with their friend’s partner, survive the passage of time.

With years of relationship, new friend relationships are created, “couple relationships.” They in turn change into “couples with children” relationships. And when the nest is empty, with a corresponding change of lifestyle, typically a couple find new friends who share preferred activities, or simply closeness because of proximity such as our neighbour friends. Are they “her” friends, or “his” friends (of course this holds true for a gay or lesbian couple as well)? While there may be a dominant relationship, both partners in a couple are friends, for in these situations, it was the “couple” who connected with other “couples.”

Strange how I shifted once again into the realm of relationships and bypassed the subject of writing nude.