Some chores can be done nude

Today I have a continuing task begun yesterday in the late afternoon. With a neighbour’s help, I got the last four branches, the uppermost branches, off a Green Ash tree, which needs to come down to make room for three young birch trees. All turned out well with no damage to the younger trees, or my wife’s rose garden, or to the power line connecting to our house. Of course, that work was done while I wore shorts and a ball cap. Today’s task can be completed sans vêtements.

First task is to clip smaller branches off the larger ones which then go into my truck parked in the background. Then I will be taking a look at the remaining branches to see which ones can be salvaged for use in the garden as bean poles, and which ones need to be cut up for use in the fire pit by my grandchildren on their next visit in four more weeks’ time.

Once that is all done, I will take down the tree itself using one of my swede saws. Everything is done without power tools of any sort. I don’t care for the noise, and the satisfaction of doing it all by hand is immense for me. Thankfully, all of the remaining tasks can and will be done while skyclad. Though it seems to be a destructive task, it isn’t as the leaves and branches will return to the soil over time. As well, the three young birch trees will become healthier and stronger because of my efforts. There are trade offs, even in nature.

There are trade offs in the realm of relationships as well. To make way for changes, something old must be pruned. What worked in the past stops working when one, or both partners begin changing. A shift is needed to accommodate change for the relationship to return to a thriving state. It sounds simple enough, and it can be if only we would dare to let go of our need to have our ego call all the shots.