There is little doubt in my mind that most people who call themselves naturists or nudists, mostly have the opportunity to be clothing free when at home. The truth is, we are not living on a planet that is “friendly” to the idea of naturists and nudists stepping outside of their dwellings while naked.

Regardless of whether we are introverts or extroverts, most of us who find ourselves stripping off our clothing when the opportunities present themselves, thrive best when other(s) share those opportunities with us. And it is important to note, that sharing time while nude is not mostly about finding sexual satisfaction. The satisfaction is more powerful than that.

Being in the presence of another or others who are similarly nude, presents us with a better sense of well-being. We become less critical of ourselves and others. When someone smiles in response to your presence, you feel better, appreciated, and accepted. However, these opportunities for sharing presence while nude are rare for most. The hole for some sort of fellowship is often filled with social media. Individuals reach out to others via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or on-line communities such as the NOOK, Naturist Community, True Nudes, MeWe, and so on. It’s not the best solution, but at least one learns that there are others out there who feel the need to lose the clothes, even if for only a few hours here and there. One feels less isolated.

Yet, even with that, one is left to one’s own for the most part as a home nudist – sleeping nude, doing dishes nude, reading or writing nude, and the list goes on. When weather is good enough, only a small number of these will risk going outside to bask in the sun’s rays – privacy concerns are real for so many. And from the reports from naturist associations, even fewer are heading out to socialise with others at naturist or nudist venues. It’s a problem most of us have to live with in our growth as naturists and nudists.

How do you fill in the hole of connection to others who are naturists/nudists?