Beach near Desires

We are back in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. We arrived on the 6th of December. We quickly changed into bathing suits for our first beach walk under sunny and warm conditions moments after arriving at Casa Sorpresas. We walked nine kilometres and stopped at the Pearl Desires’ beach so that I could swim au naturel for a while. Walking on, my wife pointed out likely locations for nude sunbathing mentioning that she would likely join me for that activity from time to time. Back at the house, the shower head fell off before our first shower. We showered with water pouring out the open pipe.

Our landlady now has a live-in boyfriend. She informed us that she won’t be renting out the studio next year as she will be turning it into an office. We are feeling quite discouraged by the situation here, a change that leaves me much less time for naturism in the garden.

We have registered to walk the European Peace Walk for the end of May and most of the first three weeks of June. There will be ten of us starting off from Sopron, Hungary and walking to reach Trieste, Italy. We will be walking as many long walks as we can while in Mexico.