Harvesting the Garden

Garden Produce

For the past week I have been busy with the normal rhythms of life, of autumn on the Canadian prairies. With winter threatening as the geese gather to feed before their long pilgrimage to the southern climes of North America, I like many others, have been cleaning the last of our produce from the garden. The garden is now tilled and prepared for a long winter’s sleep.

Because of the need to focus on the prosaic tasks of autumn, gardens, and winterizing our camper, there has been no thoughts given to this blog site. There will more than enough time for that in the months that will follow.

I have been lucky in that the weather has warmed up just in time for the work to be done. We only had one rain day which was appreciated as it softened the hard clay that passes as our garden soil. For the past two days I have tilled the garden and added more than 200 litres of peat moss before tilling it a second time. I am pleased with the result though I have the beginnings of blisters on my hands in spite of wearing work gloves while manhandling the garden tiller. There is a sense of satisfaction in manual tasks done well.

Good neighbours

While I was working in the garden totally nude, my neighbour from two doors down walked past our yard, down the back lane, and let me know that she would stop by for tea when she finished her walk. She returned while I was working, went into our house and warmed up tea in the microwave while I continued to turn the garden with the shovel. When the tea was ready, I joined her on the back deck for the tea break. When the tea break was done, I got a couple of photos of the two of us to illustrate her accepting me as a naturist.

Now that most of the work has been completed, I am turning once again to writing. The second novel in the pilgrim series is just entering into the first rewrite.

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