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Taking Care of Chores

Our neighbour’s back lawn

We are busy with preparing for a ten-day excursion away from home which will involve two weddings book-ending a four day stay at Helios Naturist Club near Edmonton, Alberta which is about six-hours drive towing our small camping trailer.  Of course, one of the things that need taking care of is the mowing of our lawns, the neighbour’s seen in the house in the background, at least the part behind the white garage top left, and the chain link fence area along the back lane. I also mowed my next-door neighbour’s back yard as well. The only time I had to wear anything was when mowing our front lawn. The town is almost empty and there is no fear of being seen. And yes, you see right, our back fence is not what anyone would call a privacy fence.

But enough of the small talk. As I listen in on the conversation of other naturists from around the world via social median, I am seeing something that contradicts the words spoken. In spite of the collective belief that naturism is under attack by the society at large, the evidence points to something else, a quiet no-comment most of the time. Of course there are incidents of negative response to being seen nude. But so many times, that negative response doesn’t appear. Perhaps there is a deep, almost unconscious acceptance of the validity to live as one chooses as long as it doesn’t interfere in the lives of others in a significant manner. For the most part because of media, the naked body has become just another choice that isn’t much different from dressing in various fashions. The key is that the naked body is becoming less threatening.

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  1. sassycoupleok

    We both hope this is a continuing trend.

    T & K

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