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Naturist Retreat in the Eagle Hills

My trailer at B&N’s acreage

I got to spend four days in the Eagle Hills near Battleford with my trailer parked at the home acreage of the man who is in charge of the Prairie Suns Nudist Club. On Friday, he took me on a hike through the Eagle Hills to the west of the acreage. Once we were away from traffic, we were able to doff the clothing and hike nude while we discussed all sorts of topics that were dear to his heart, especially Christianity and nudity.

I set up camp on the acreage, while waiting for a naturist pot luck event set for Saturday afternoon. B. and his wife, N. were great hosts. Somehow in the middle of nowhere, they had a solar heated pool and a hot tub for the cool mornings and evenings as amenities. It was too warm, the wrong season for putting the sauna to work.

Since I had somehow forgot to pack the power supply for my laptop, I was forced to enjoy the sunshine without interruption for most of the days that passed. It was the first time I had been to the acreage for a nude gathering without my wife. So, I had to make do with calls home in the morning and late evening to fill her in with my adventures and to find out how her days and nights had passed.

The pot luck was attended by eight people, a much smaller group that last year. I contributed to the pot luck by making a potato dish in the slow cooker – potatoes, bacon, onion and cheese. It was a recipe that my wife had suggested that I make for the event since it cooked while I was hiking without my worrying whether or not it would be undercooked or burnt. I don’t have the best attention span and get easily distracted.

That served to have the topic of how to meet the changing demographics if the club was to survive. I suggested that instead of focusing on getting members for the club, that the group create open-invitation events which would be clothing-optional. Art and nature photography, body-painting, writing camps for those interested in poetry or short stories, drawing classes for the human nude, and music camps for those interested in sharing their musical talents and perhaps picking up a few ideas from other musicians. Advertising events could take many forms and would hopefully create a larger network of prairie people who would come to share an interest in social naturism.

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  1. sassycoupleok

    Good points made about how to increase interest. Most groups/clubs were founded by now aged members who have done little to promote wholesome social nudity. Thus, a huge gap in age groups at many of these places and events. There are people interested but don’t know of the existence of these groups/clubs. So creative interest is required.

    T & K

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