The garden shed is a windbreak

Windy. It’s very windy today. Going outside is not very enjoyable when wind is gusting and buffeting a person. As a result, I am inside for most of the day, working on the networking necessary to build a business and to sell books. At the moment, all looks good in terms of a local context with local meaning on the prairies. But there is a lot of work left to do. I need to set up a website, not an offshoot blog site, for the Retired Eagle Books business.

I am waiting on a new mobile phone with a new number that will be associated with the business. With the new phone activated, I can then create business cards that can then be left with book stores as I find them in my travels. I am also contacting a number of people to act as marketing and sales agents for my books in other countries, perhaps even in other regions of Canada. Since the naturist market is not very big in book-selling terms, there is little incentive for others to become agents. However, it isn’t so bad with my “normal” books which are selling very well.

And so, I have decided to add to the business by inviting others to submit their books and book ideas so that I can publish them under my Retired Eagle Books brand. The focus on naturist and Jungian themes will allow these books to be published without worrying about paying for that service. The only cost will come when books are ordered when I will add on a fee for service. Books then become available to the writers at just above printing and handling costs to do with as they wish. Books would also be placed on the Amazon paperback and eBook platforms with the majority of royalties paid out to the authors. I know I won’t get rich doing this, but at my age, I am more interested in keeping busy and doing what I can to make a difference in the bigger picture.