Coffee in hand

There is nothing better than being warm in the winter. With that said, our return to Mexico has found us unable to use the garden-patio area for a while as there is a major project in progress with workers busy in that space. It is a project that was planned to be finished before we arrived, but realistically won’t be finished for another week or two. Still, there is nothing to complain about as it is warm and I don’t have to wear clothing while in our studio.

Our town has now become a city, or probably more accurately, a municipal district which includes the area and settlements (tourist and native) between the Cancun municipality and the Playa del Carmen municipality. A big celebration happened here yesterday evening including fireworks to mark the occasion. Today, the street in front of our house which could rival potholed streets in prairie communities, saw the crews out to begin the process of tearing up the old and giving us a new, paved street. Progress. Change.