Happy New Year 2016

The first of January, 2016. For the first time in a few years we actually were awake when the New Year arrived in our corner of the world. I continued the tradition of not making any resolutions. It’s enough that I am still here, still breathing, and still being present as much as I can with each moment that appears.

Yet, I do have desires, goals of sorts, that lay in front of me. And, I have expectations that are based on my habits and history. I expect that I will continue to write. I have two books in progress at the moment. I expect that I will continue to wake up nude each morning beside my nude wife and be satisfied if not even blessed. I expect that I will continue to take photos simply because. Of course all of this is based on the assumption of continued existence.

I know that death is a constant companion for all of us. I am not trying to be morbid, but simply to state a fact that should let us look at the moments in front of us as precious. Seize the day –carpe diem– for this may be your last day. Revel in each moment of relationship, in each sunrise and sunset, in the currents of air that touch you, and in your own being. The expression “today is the first day of the rest of your life” suggests that one doesn’t waste these precious days and hours, but perhaps we need to also have an older expression that comes from my indigenous roots – “today is a good day to die.” This isn’t to suggest that we embrace death, but that we meet each day honourably and authentically so that if and when death comes, we can leave this place having done the best we could.