Jungian Psychology in Mexico

Yesterday evening I gave a Jungian presentation at Layla Guesthouse on the topic of Individuation. I was surprised at how many people actually came to listen as psychology isn’t exactly a hot topic here. At the end of the presentation, a youngish Mexican woman asked if I would take her on as a client for psychotherapy. I hadn’t even thought of that possibility. Naturally, I said yes with the first session set for later this afternoon at our place.

I have been going to Layla Guesthouse every Tuesday evening for group meditation and dharma. In my talk this evening, I included this comment about the soul which is the bedrock of Individuation:

Anima and animus are the opposite gender aspect of oneself that can also be called one’s soul. This contra-sexual inner other lies in the unconscious and is the primary force that animates us into life, into relationship to others and to the world.

Of course, these words also fit in with the poetry project that I have planned. The poetry project. I have my books and I am struggling to create poems not knowing what photos could be used as I don’t have any that would work. I might have to ask the naturist community to help with this like I did for the second book. We will see,

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