Excited About Selling a Poetry Book

Merry Christmas 2014

Christmas is only days away and my daughter from the USA will be coming with her family tomorrow evening to spend Christmas with us. It has been a busy month for me as a writer. I published a new book called A Small Company of Pilgrims and the second book of Naked Poetry. The first book of poetry now had 360 free downloads. That success and the addition of the second book of poetry had my wife suggest that I put a price on those books at Smashwords. Yesterday I made the first sale of the new book of poetry. I guess that makes me “professional” in a way though not in terms of a traditionally published writer.

A check on my other books on Smashwords show that Broken Road has 548 downloads, the Through a Jungian Lens: The Hero within book has 395 downloads, a second Jungian Lens book, Swamplands of the Soul has 292 downloads, and Broken Boy has 286 downloads. I think the time has come to shift from free to paid for all of them.

Before the end of the year, we will be going back to Puerto Morelos and Casa Sorpresas. I already have ideas for a new poetry book, one that is founded upon the masculine, the feminine, and the union of the two. I hope to talk more about this in a future post. I know that I have been missing in action here for a while because of my writing projects including the novel challenge called NaNoWriMo. Well, there was more to my absence than writing. The sharing of my naturist blog posts on Facebook became too much and was causing discord. With the return to Mexico and the ceasing of sharing posts on Facebook, I am hoping that life, a more naturist life, will be more peaceful.

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